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Resolution Property Group

Hosted Phone Solution: 5 Users Value: £5,000 Length: 5 Years

About Resolution Property Group

  • Resolution Property Group is an award winning property and development company that specialises in delivering consultancy, architectural and contractual services to the UK residential development market. 

  • The foundations of the business are built on a wealth of knowledge and experience across the property and development industry which includes Planning, Design and Build, Property Investment, Project Management, Contract Build, Architectural Services and Investment Opportunities.


Our new Telecoms solution is far superior to our previous telephone system, allowing multiple calls in and out simultaneously

How Connect365 helped Resolution Property Group 

  • Unified communication was key for Resolution Property Group. Their employees attend lots of site meetings, so it was important to have the ability not to miss any calls whilst being away from the office. The UC system permits them to be part of the phone system from any device, anywhere in the world. 

  • Replace an aging phone system that had reached it’s maximum capacity.

  • More incoming / outgoing lines - without restriction. 32 users can make and receive calls at the same time.

  • Cheaper overall cost compared to upgrading existing system and number of ISDN lines

  • Connect365 carry out a full site survey, on-site installation and full on-site training.

Resolution Property Group

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