Mobility Device Management 

Managing your mobile fleet can be tricky but with Mobile Device Management, it’s never been easier. 

Our Mobility Device Management platform reduces the cost, complexity and downtime of business-critical mobility.

Managing your mobile fleet can be tricky but with Mobile Device Management, it’s never been easier. It allows you to take control of your mobiles, configure them to your businesses’ specifications and connect instantly with your employees. And it does it all while keeping your data safe and secure.

Mobility Device Management

Why Connect365 mobile device management?

Productivity and mobility tend to go hand in hand but with the added flexibility of employees working remotely, businesses can sometimes feel vulnerable.

With Connect 365 Mobile Device Management there’s no need for such concerns as MDM business allows you to stay in control and protect every mobile device within your fleet to ensure sensitive data stays secure. Remotely manage your business devices, preserving your data by wiping devices.

With our mobile device protection plan you can monitor data usage in real-time and set alerts for your devices should they go over your limits.

You can also connect with your employees via instant messaging software and you can configure each device to your own personalised businesses specifications.

What Connect365 Mobile Device Management 

can do for you…..

  • Simplify Business Mobility

  • Eliminate Mobile Downtime

  • Rapid App Development

  • Securely Manage Apps and Content

  • Deploy Devices Quickly and Easily

  • Optimize Data Delivery


Business Mobile 
Users: 1,100  
Value: £48,000
Length: 24 Months

Mick George Ltd

Business Mobile 
Users: 3   
Value: £1,200
Length: 24 Months

Aragon Homes

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my business need Mobile Device Management?

It doesn’t but, if you’ve got a fleet of business mobiles all with important data such as emails and work files stored on them you’ll want to keep them safe. Mobile Device Management protects your fleet and ensures your data won’t end up in the wrong hands.

Can I customise Mobile Device Management?

Yes! You can easily configure each device in your fleet to your own business specifications so your employees can focus on work and you can rest easy knowing your business mobiles are secure.

Mobility Management

Made Easy


We have been delighted with the service from Connect365 from initial contact to installation and particularly with the after care. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Director, Law and Lewis