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Cxp: The Customer Experience Platform

Built for channel to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

The Customer Challenge

Businesses are facing a perfect storm of heightened customer expectations and economic challenges.

Today’s consumers expect to reach organisations through their channels of choice with little or no delay, receive a personalised service and resolve their issues on the first interaction.

The challenge of delivering this experience has previously been solved by simply increasing service staff. However, 70% of companies say that rising costs are their biggest challenge (Simply Business 2022), and voluntary insolvencies reached a thirteen-year high this year.

Laptop and Phone

Average wait time before a customer hangs up: 30-60 seconds (Contact Centre Helper, 2022)

76% of customers are more likely to buy from brands that personalise their experience

Successful companies excel at accepting technology to drive operational efficiencies, even in the face of significant market challenges. Given the technology of today, top-per- formers are embracing automation wholeheartedly, to enhance productivity and retain their best staff.

They also need to deliver exceptional levels of customer experience, especially when taking on competitors, to acquire and retain customers. That’s why we, TelXL, have created a suite of contact centre products that are designed especially for businesses facing these challenges.


CS 1

The Solution is Cxp

Cxp is our new contact centre platform that hosts a range of contact centre as a Service products (CCaaS).

Cxp comes in two flavours: Three off-the-shelf' Cxp products, and our more-customised offering, 'Cxp Creator'.

The off-the-shelf products are for those looking to implement a CCaaS solution quickly and easily:



The Voice Experience (Vxp) offers a feature-rich voice platform for effectively managing incoming and outgoing voice calls, routing calls to the best available agents, and giving managers the administrative tools to add or change users, as well as maintain oversight of the contact centre operational performance.

The Digital Experience (Dxp) offers all of the digital channels that a business might need through a single portal, while also providing a full suite of administrative and management tools.

The Omni-channel Experience (Oxp) results from integrating Vxp and Dxp so that both the agent and customer receive a seamless end to end experience during any interaction.

Our off-the-shelf solution also comes with a menu of integrations and bolt-on features that then allow any business to expand functionality when needed. This modular approach addresses the business constraints and challenges of SMEs, such as needing to work with legacy technology, or having limited IT resources.

For resellers wanting a more tailored solution, our “Cxp Creator” proposition is where we will work with resellers to create a solution that matches their specifications. For instance, a reseller might already have a voice solution, but need a digital solution

to augment it.

Our Cxp products offer a more attractive price point than those from the great majority of vendors, who are generally focussed on the enterprise market. Whichever route is selected, Cxp offers high levels of capability and agility needed to build “contact centres the way you want it”.

Offer exceptional customer experience

Cxp provides all the tools required to deliver exceptional customer experiences across all communication channels.

Moreover, our IVR, rules and work-flow builders allow businesses to customise the processes to make the customer experience as effortless as possible. Taking that engagement even further, our Cxp platform includes queue management tools, call back options and more, so that customers know they are constantly being looked after.

Using skills-based routing, you can triage consumer contacts to the best skilled agent, giving greater opportunity for effective first-contact resolutions. This not only enhances experiences, but is also particularly useful for dealing with contacts that require differential levels of service, such as ongoing issues or customer vulnerabilities.

Meanwhile, for the many simpler consumer queries or requests, Cxp offers the opportunity to add digital chat and AI bots to minimise time and effort.

Cxp can be integrated with all major CRM solutions too, which means that interactions feel slick, personalised, and agents are prepared ahead of calls.

For customers, Cxp delivers exceptional interactions through convenience, speed, personalisation and trust.


Empower agents to deliver exceptional experiences

Cxp has a clean and simple UX that ensures agents can see their tasks. Agents are able to see their incoming work and use the adjacent dialler.

Configuration options allow agents to change the look and feel of the layout, to suit their preferences and ways of working.

Helpful resources, including scripts, are on hand to enable agents to deliver effective and powerful conversations consistently.

Cxp integrates with Microsoft Teams too, which means that agents are able to directly connect to their colleagues across the business.

Agents can get the support needed to resolve trickier queries, and can quickly chase open issues that are dependant on other departments.

Staff are empowered to do their best work, and customers are better managed, which reduces key sources of stress.

Everyone wins.


Allow supervisors and managers to maximise value

With Cxp, the contact-centre supervisor or manager is firmly placed in the cockpit.

A supervisor console gives them the status of the operation and trends for all of the major KPIs.

SLA management tools provide proactive alerts if KPIs require attention. This frees up supervisors from laborious reporting and tracking tasks, so that they can spend time coaching or taking a more strategic role in improving their contact centre’s processes.

Meanwhile, the daily operational job is made much easier; Presence features show what all agents are doing at any given time.

A scheduling tool makes it easy to plan staffing rotas. An admin portal allows for the easy addition, removal or changes of agent users within a few clicks.

Cxp also integrates with advanced workforce optimisation tools to increase the intelligence and accuracy of resource planning by using historic data.


Drive profit & performance through insight

As well as supporting the day-to-day work, Cxp provides the insight and tools businesses need to underpin continuous performance improvement.

Supervisors and managers can access a broad range of reports on Day-1 that can be customised to their particular needs.


A Contact Centre Manager is empowered to understand how channels are being used, the performance by channel and the effectiveness of any AI deployment to automate responses to customer queries.

This information is critical for reducing expensive voice calls, while ensuring customer satisfaction increases - not reduces - over time, as the contact centre experience is transformed.

Adding voice analytics provides a deeper level of insight, by transcribing conversations and extracting sentiments and themes from the data, so that customer pain points can be resolved with interventions in processes. Using the built-in customer feedback tool at the end of calls also provides invaluable insight into the relationship between operational decisions, agent performance and customer outcomes.

Integrating Cxp with a CRM creates unlocks even greater possibilities to relate customer interaction data with customer behaviour and customer value data, thus the bottom line.


Cxp truly allows you to optimise your contact centre operation for both customers and profitability.


Make CCaaS viable and achievable in uncertain times

We understand some businesses may not need to deploy a full suite of voice and digital channels. Therefore, we have pack- aged Cxp to be easily consumable and more affordable.

Businesses can adopt either our Vxp or Dxp prod- ucts on Day-1 to unlock the benefits of offering enhanced telephony or digital experiences for customers, while taking control of the contact centre’s performance.

If a business already has a voice solution, or telephony provider, our products can augment rather than replace them – and provide an upgrade journey in the future.

Bolt-ons add specific capabilities. Businesses can also add lines, numbers, storage and users with ease as demand changes.

Businesses can upgrade to Oxp in their own time, to realise the benefits of a full omni channel contact centre; offering the features unusually reserved for enterprises.

Alternatively, a reseller could buy from our Cxp “Creator” product, which allows a contact centre to be built to very highly tailored set of requirements.

This offers the benefit that a reseller and their customers are only paying for the features that they are using. They can also plan how and when they are going to transform their custom- er experience over time and adopt new features.


Six great points of difference with Cxp

Augmentation or replacement options

Businesses can adopt either our Vxp or Dxp prod- ucts on Day-1 to unlock the benefits of offering enhanced telephony or digital experiences for customers, while taking control of the contact centre’s performance.

The latest in user experience design

At the time of writing, our UI is probably the newest in the CCaaS industry. We’ve learned from our users and created an intuitive effortless experience.

A better price point

Our customers will find that they will be paying less than the majority of vendors for our Cxp offering, particularly when you consider the bundled minutes included.

Integrations with leading business solutions

Cxp has active integrations with over 40 leading business software solutions including major CRM databases like Salesforce.

Build your own roadmap

The modular nature of Cxp means that resellers and their SME customers can build their own roadmaps to transform their businesses over time.

Channel focus

Our heritage is built on serving the channel for 20 years, with feature rich and resilient solutions. Cxp is a culmination of this experience.


Hosted Phone Solution 
Users: 32  
Value: £25,000
Length: 5 Years


Roofglaze Image 1.jpg

Hosted Phone Solution 
Users: 38  
Value: £46,878
Length: 5 Years

Form IT

Computer with Graph

Hosted Phone Solution 
Users: 7   
Value: £7,000
Length: 5 Years

Omni Security

Omni Security Image 1.jpg

Since commissioning Connect365 to improve our telephone and broadband service, we now have a fully integrated system that allows us the flexibility to make multiple calls and the ability to transfer calls to mobiles, meaning that our customers can always get a response no matter whether we are in the office or not

Managing Director, Demon Cleaning Services Ltd

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