Mobile Deals

We compare the best networks, mobile phone handsets and operating systems to build a bespoke business mobile phone package that best fits your business

Flexible business mobile packages built for your business...

You can choose from a variety of contract types, lengths and mobile phone handset options, all with the help of our specialist team. Connect365 recognise that having a reliable and high-quality service is essential, which is why we have a knowledgeable support team and experienced account managers that proactively work alongside every one of our customers to ensure complete satisfaction.

Business Mobile Deals

Business Mobile Key Features

  • Independent Supplier: Partnering with multiple leading networks

  • Dedicated account management and named support contacts

  • Tailored and flexible contracts built to your exact requirements

  • Regular tariff reviews to help you save money

  • One monthly bill for all your services

  • Bespoke reporting and analysis giving you insight into your business

Tailored and cost-effective business mobile contracts

Connect365 compare the best networks, mobile phone handsets and operating systems to build a bespoke business mobile phone package that best fits your business - including data usage, roaming and sim-only solutions. By analysing your usage, we can help you avoid unnecessary costs and make sure you only get charged for what you need. We can carry out a free bill analysis on your current contract and identify the ways to help you save money on your current business mobile contracts.


Unlimited data, voice & text messages at great rates now available



Sim Only Deal


Business Mobile 
Users: 1,100  
Value: £48,000
Length: 24 Months

Mick George Ltd

Business Mobile 
Users: 3   
Value: £1,200
Length: 24 Months

Aragon Homes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of using an official partner?

Each Network sets demanding qualifying criteria to ensure their products are delivered professionally, which in itself speaks volumes of our service quality. As an independent provider, we can aggregate the most competitive packages available from the market that satisfies your exacting requirements – while leveraging the benefits of exclusive perks available as an official partner.

What is the benefit of a business contract over consumer mobile contracts?

If you’re a Sole Trader or SME looking at moving to a business mobile contract, you’re making a wise decision. You will receive cost, operational, technology and support benefits as a business customer – as well as having access to business-specific bundles and bolt-ons. We can work with you as your business grows to make sure your telecoms systems are scalable and capable of supporting your business long-term.

How can bespoke mobile reporting benefit your business?

We work with our customers to make recommendations based on usage and performance. Our expertise on devices, data usage and mobile device management helps provide insight for our customers to reduce costs through behavioural changes and education. We build bespoke reports based on each individual customer’s requirements, some examples include:

  • Monthly bill breakdown per connection
  • Cost allocation by connection number
  • Any connection that has had zero usage in the previous 3 months. We can help identify where these connections can be reallocated
  • Most frequently dialled numbers per connection
  • Chargeable calls per connection
  • The balance in the hardware fund

Mobility Management

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