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SIP2teams Technical Overview

SIP2teams Technical Overview

SIP2teams is hosted within Microsoft data centres so calls between SIP2teams and Office365 never leave the Microsoft infrastructure until PSTN breakout is required.

Tested to host anywhere up to 100,000 Microsoft Teams Clients and services at any one time, the intrastate is serviced via three High-Availability (HA) Azure clusters and the SIP2teams SBC network sits at the core of the solution connecting your SIP Trunk to Microsoft Teams.


Users connected to Office 365 to place calls to the phone network and other Teams users via the Phone System user add in which is automatically integrated when used with SIP2teams to your SIP Trunk provider (Connect365) once credentials have been successfully set up.

SIP2teams performs end-to end encryption of signalling and media right up to the point of breakout over the chosen SIP trunk. A direct media path from SIP2teams SBCs and Teams clients provide media bypass, where Microsoft supports this for region and tenant, and full MS-ICE is supported allowing the Teams client to negotiate the optimal media path.

Administration access to the SIP2teams portal is controlled via Azure / Office365 ‘Single Sign on’. This means no user credentials are stored within the SIP2teams portal.


Primary/Secondary High Availability Node architecture

  • Operates across 4 continents

  • Each customer has access to at least two nodes

  • Nodes are chosen automatically in the SIP2teams portal depending on location of the customer phone service

  • Operates in Primary/Secondary High-Availability Node architecture

  • Separate SIP and Direct Routing SBC’S

  • SIP SBCs manage SIP Trunk registration and call signalling

  • Direct routing SBCs carry media between Microsoft and the Customer

  • The platform service spans the entire platform and manages all call routing and user access

  • Major nodes have multiple SBCs with ‘decomposed’ architecture, allowing elastic scalabilityFraud Prevention (Prevention (DWS FMS Fraud Management)


Latency & Call Quality

Teams users connect to the nearest Microsoft network Point of Presence (PoP) in the global network.

The global Microsoft network has extremely high-performance and carries the voice traffic for nearly the entire journey up to breakout from the HV.Select SIP or Wholesale SIP trunks and PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). Through SIP2teams node optimisation, traffic will step-off the Microsoft network near to the Trunk so users do not report call quality or latency problems, even between continents.

  • Microsoft Teams/PSTN Voice has an SLA target of 99.9%

  • Azure components used by the platform have SLA targets of 99.9- 99.95%

  • The architectural design uptime target of the SIP2teams platform is 99.99%

  • Microsoft’s Teams SLA is the limiting underpinning factor

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End to End Documented Security

  • ISO27001 and UK Gov Cyber Essentials certified organisation

  • Comprehensive infosec documentation available (NDA)

  • Minimal Personal Identifiable Data storage overheads

  • Compliant with HIPPA business associate agreement

All call legs can be secured by TLS encryption (providing SIP service support this also). TLS 1.2 or later is supported and the Platform infrastructure hosted ‘within’ Microsoft Azure. 

Your Customer data held in the Microsoft security realm for both Teams and SIP2Teams.

Hosted Phone Solution 
Users: 32  
Value: £25,000
Length: 5 Years


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Hosted Phone Solution 
Users: 38  
Value: £46,878
Length: 5 Years

Form IT

Computer with Graph

Hosted Phone Solution 
Users: 7   
Value: £7,000
Length: 5 Years

Omni Security

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We have been delighted with the service from Connect365 from initial contact to installation and particularly with the after care. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them

Director, Law and Lewis

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