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Our SIP2teams Solution

SIP2teams is Direct Routing solution that integrates a SIP Trunking service into an existing Microsoft Teams Service. The automated setup process means that NO Microsoft PowerShell experience is required. Facilitate rapid user & number adoption plus scale easily with this complete communications service from Connect 365


What is SIP 2 Teams Solution?

Connect365 Hosted VoIP with SIP is a complete communications service for your business that provides an extensive range of fixed mobile telephony capabilities and most importantly premium SIP Trunking services via a managed service or an easy-to-use web‑based portal.


The fully hosted nature of the product helps to dramatically reduce cost, facilitate rapid user/number adoption and is easily scalable.


How our SIP2teams solution works

Utilising a separate ‘SIP2teams’ portal to provide 3rd party ‘Direct Routing’ into and out of your Microsoft 365 Teams platform, using Connect 365’s premium enterprise SIP Trunking. Leaving all the administration for your Teams telephony and deployment firmly within your Microsoft 365 environment.


Our unique ‘Premium Enterprise Trunking’ feature offers a capacity of 35 individual SIP channels to be shared across multiple locations and comes at no additional cost. Connect365 are the only provider able to offer concurrent calls across multiple sites at this per site capacity and in one package


‘SIP2Teams’ as a product is hosted ‘within’ Microsoft data centres so calls between SIP2Teams and Office365 never leave the Microsoft infrastructure until PSTN breakout is required

Features of our SIP2teams Solution

  • Premium Enterprise Trunking

  • Built on BT’s highly resilient 21 CN secure next generation Tier 3 Classified network: meaning that downtime is a thing of the past

  • Outbound Numbering: Use any number you own as the outgoing CLI (Call Line Identity) for either a site by site or user by user set-up

  • Fraud Management System: Monitors calls across the HVS platform and allows for manual or automatic barring of the service for misuse

  • Call Integrity: Achieved through a combination of software engineering, server redundancy, and networking capabilities. Direct connection into BT’s Colossus networks

  • Monthly Capacity and trend analysis reporting

Technical Design

Please see below a technical diagram outlining how the system will function.


As part of the solution we will be providing Yealink MP54 and Yealink MP56 devices


We have been delighted with our phone system, from introduction to installation, the service was efficient and support has been second to none.

Office Administrator, Envisage Systems Ltd.

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