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Our HV Select Cisco Webex Solution

Best in class Unified Communication capabilities fully integrated with your HVS service

The Cisco Webex Solution

Our Cisco Webex solution provides best in class Unified Communication capabilities fully integrated with your HVS service.


The application can be run across different devices, to meet your needs, inside and outside the office.

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Key Features

  • High-definition video conferencing with support for up to 1,000 users at a time.

  • Collaborative spaces where users can share files, links, messages and other useful resources.

  • High-quality voice calls thanks to noise-cancelling technology.

  • Total mobility, thanks to apps for desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. So being out of the office doesn’t mean being unavailable.

  • Cloud-based business continuity for if and when disaster strikes.

  • Supports a number of bots and add-ins for integrations with popular apps.

  • Users can easily make calls within Microsoft Teams with the Webex add-in.

Client Benefits

  • The Cisco brand is a persuasive selling point. It’s one of the most recognised names in the world.

  • Cisco Webex has robust security features, including encryption as standard, protecting both our customers and the businesses they serve.

  • Our line-up of Cisco Webex collaboration packages add flexibility to the services our customers can offer.

  • It adds real, compelling features - features that are fast becoming a standard part of business.

  • Cisco Webex already has a loyal customer base, including major companies and government bodies


Learn more about HV.Select with Cisco Webex

As well as enterprise-grade video conferencing, Cisco Webex delivers instant messaging, file sharing, collaborative spaces and IP calling features.

Learn more & download the HV.Select with Cisco Webex PDF.

Hosted Phone Solution 
Users: 32  
Value: £25,000
Length: 5 Years


Roofglaze Image 1.jpg

Hosted Phone Solution 
Users: 38  
Value: £46,878
Length: 5 Years

Form IT

Computer with Graph

Hosted Phone Solution 
Users: 7   
Value: £7,000
Length: 5 Years

Omni Security

Omni Security Image 1.jpg

Since commissioning Connect365 to improve our telephone and broadband service, we now have a fully integrated system that allows us the flexibility to make multiple calls and the ability to transfer calls to mobiles, meaning that our customers can always get a response no matter whether we are in the office or not

Managing Director, Demon Cleaning Services Ltd

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