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Connect365 Hosted Voice is the ideal business VoIP solution at an affordable price

The future of communications for every business is Hosted VoIP...

Traditional on-site PBX phone systems are quickly becoming a thing of the past and as of 2025 will be entirely extinct, so future-proof your business with Hosted Voice and achieve better voice quality and reduced charges – what are you waiting for?

Contact Connect365 today for the most cost effective solution for your business.


What are the benefits of business VoIP?

Thanks to broadband modifications, businesses can make great use of cloud functionality for things like storing data and using online applications, and with Hosted Voice those benefits can be extended further.


Connect365's market leading business VoIP solution is a fantastic phone system that’s really easy to configure, requires no expensive maintenance or running costs - saving you time and technical headaches.


The wide range of enterprise functionality means your business will stay ahead of the competition.

Suitable for businesses in all sectors and of any scale, Hosted Voice offers service reliability levels of 99.9% uptime, as well as built-in Disaster Recovery and Continuity features, for added piece of mind. Not to mention, the ability to seamlessly connect multiple devices remotely.


What’s Included in our VoIP package?

​HV Select is Connect365's high definition (HD) IP telephony service that is built on BT’s highly resilient and secure next generation network, meaning that downtime is a thing of the past.

If that wasn’t enough, the financial savings and enhanced quality associated with Hosted Voice, certainly should be. Our ‘lifetime licence’ means you’ll not only benefit from low-entry cost to business VoIP but you’ll also own the hardware and remove any need for expensive technology upgrades.


Unlimited Free on-net calls


5000 minutes of calls


Self-service portal


Advanced hunt-groups


Voicemail to email 


Unlimited auto-attendant


Meetme Conference


Number Portability


Unified Communications 

CS 1
ISDN & PTSN 2025 Switch Off: Hosted Voice means you’re ready...

We make managing your account easy

Our state-of-the-art hosted phone solution gives the user access to a whole portal full of great information.


This statistical information can be used to manage your staff and also manage your business, with decisions made based on factual information.


You can create dashboards and automate information to be delivered any time, to as many people as you wish.


For more information, please call us, and we will be more than happy to demonstrate in more detail.


Our HV Select Cisco Webex Solution

Best in class Unified Communication capabilities fully integrated with your HVS service

The Cisco Webex Solution

Our Cisco Webex solution provides best in class Unified Communication capabilities fully integrated with your HVS service.


The application can be run across different devices, to meet your needs, inside and outside the office.


Key Features

  • High-definition video conferencing with support for up to 1,000 users at a time.

  • Collaborative spaces where users can share files, links, messages and other useful resources.

  • High-quality voice calls thanks to noise-cancelling technology.

  • Total mobility, thanks to apps for desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. So being out of the office doesn’t mean being unavailable.

  • Cloud-based business continuity for if and when disaster strikes.

  • Supports a number of bots and add-ins for integrations with popular apps.

  • Users can easily make calls within Microsoft Teams with the Webex add-in.

Client Benefits

  • The Cisco brand is a persuasive selling point. It’s one of the most recognised names in the world.

  • Cisco Webex has robust security features, including encryption as standard, protecting both our customers and the businesses they serve.

  • Our line-up of Cisco Webex collaboration packages add flexibility to the services our customers can offer.

  • It adds real, compelling features - features that are fast becoming a standard part of business.

  • Cisco Webex already has a loyal customer base, including major companies and government bodies


Learn more about HV.Select with Cisco Webex

As well as enterprise-grade video conferencing, Cisco Webex delivers instant messaging, file sharing, collaborative spaces and IP calling features.

Learn more & download the HV.Select with Cisco Webex PDF.

A full range of handsets to suit any business need










SIP - T43U 






T58A with Camera




VP59 Teams Video Phone

Hosted Phone Solution 
Users: 32  
Value: £25,000
Length: 5 Years


Roofglaze Image 1.jpg

Hosted Phone Solution 
Users: 38  
Value: £46,878
Length: 5 Years

Form IT

Computer with Graph

Hosted Phone Solution 
Users: 7   
Value: £7,000
Length: 5 Years

Omni Security

Omni Security Image 1.jpg
  • A reliable connection to the internet is a critical to my business; how can Connect365 help?
    Connect365 provide a variety of technologies that fulfil connectivity to the internet. Fibre connectivity is available at over 90% of premises and is always recommended for both its faster speeds and reliability – giving you a better, more reliable experience. Superfast and Ultrafast Fibre Broadband are fantastic products that provide a cost effective solution typically suited to less than 50 users. Ethernet/Leased Line Fibre services provide a dedicated service for connecting to the internet with service guarantees, typically suited to more than 10 users.
  • How is broadband speed measured?
    Broadband speed is measured in Megabits per Second (Mbps). Connect365 always aim to get the best broadband speeds possible.
  • What factors can affect broadband speed?
    From time to time you may experience slow broadband speeds. This can be caused by a number of internal and external factors: The length of the line from the exchange or from the Primary Connection Point (PCP) can cause some speeds to be slower than others Not being connected directly to the master socket on the premises Correct filters needing to be used on all sockets relating to the broadband line A fault on the broadband line A faulty router is being used Connecting via WiFi rather than Ethernet Number of people sharing the bandwidth internally One-off, high-usage events such as Microsoft/Apple updates – a large number of people connecting at one time Electrical interference from other devices in proximity to the connection Peak time congestion – may experience slower speeds during the evening when more people are connected The processing speed of your device, router or modem The quality of the wiring inside your premises Weather conditions
  • Do Connect365 offer a speed guarantee?
    Yes, we fulfil Ofcom’s new Voluntary Codes of Practice on Business Broadband Speed (VCoP) which means you’ll be given more realistic information about business broadband speeds, which will reflect peak times. As part of signing up to the VCoP we’ll also provide an estimated minimum guaranteed download speed, allowing customers to make confident, informed decisions before a sale.
  • Will I need a new router if I switch to Connect365?
    Yes, you do but it’s nothing to worry about. With all our business broadband products, we’ll provide you with a free router and a static IP address.

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We have been delighted with the service from Connect365 from initial contact to installation and particularly with the after care. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them

Director, Law and Lewis

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