Unrivalled, Fast and dedicated solutions to ensure your business facilities stay connected.

Stay connected with faster Network solutions for your business

If your business relies on its data connection and downtime isn’t an option, Connect365's unlimited, symmetrical networking solutions are the perfect option. Our highly-secure, fast and reliable Ethernet services are dedicated to your business, ensuring you’re in control of performance.


What’s more, we can also connect multi-site businesses to ensure everyone has fast reliable access to central resources.



First Mile

Open up a new digital world with a dedicated, managed and high speed EFM connection


over FTTC

Ethernet over FTTC bridges the gap between broadband and leased line, offering a steadfast internet connectivity 


Full Fibre


Whatever you want out of a connection, it's a breeze for our fibre leased line solution.



Agile, cost-effective and improved connectivity.  Get it all with SD-WAN 




Free up bandwidth, increase speeds and link up your workforce with an MPLS network

Networking solutions designed to suit your business

Connect365's networking solutions cater for any business, of any size. Whatever your requirements, our team of experts will help you find the most appropriate connection to upgrade your business communications. Whether you’re a small, medium or large organisation, we offer a range of networking connections to cater for all eventualities.

Generic Ethernet

Download speeds 2Mbps - 20Mbps

Upload speeds

2Mbps - 20Mbps

Unlimited Data


EFM Network

Download speeds 2Mbps - 35Mbps

Upload speeds

2Mbps - 35Mbps

Unlimited Data


Full Fibre

Download Speeds 10 Mbps - 1 Gbps

Uploads Speeds 10 Mbps - 1 Gbps

Unlimited Data



Great deals available for Broadband and Lines & Calls Packages...


Combo Deals




Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between broadband and ethernet?

Ethernet offers faster speeds, more security and more capability. Ethernet is also a dedicated connection meaning it’s solely for use by you and your business whereas business broadband is shared between several businesses.

What security protection do Connect365 provide?

With all of our business broadband and networking solutions, we offer free DDoS cybersecurity protection and we monitor this 24/7/365.

What can I do with Ethernet that I can’t do with broadband?

There’s nothing extra you can do but you can do it quicker because unlike business broadband you’re not sharing your network with anyone else. Ethernet is capable of handling multiple requests within seconds meaning you can send emails, download huge files and use data-heavy applications seamlessly.

Do Connect365 offer a speed guarantee?

Yes, we fulfil Ofcom’s new Voluntary Codes of Practice on Business Broadband Speed (VCoP) which means you’ll be given more realistic information about business broadband speeds, which will reflect peak times. As part of signing up to the VCoP we’ll also provide an estimated minimum guaranteed download speed, allowing customers to make confident, informed decisions before a sale.

Why is Ethernet more expensive than business broadband?

With an Ethernet connection, you’re not sharing your network with anyone else whereas with business broadband you could be sharing a network with several others. Ethernet also offers unlimited download limits and symmetrical speeds making it a more reliable, faster and more secure connection overall.

How can I upgrade business broadband to Ethernet?

It’s easy! Just give us a call or fill in our enquiry form and we’ll try our best to upgrade you to Ethernet as quickly as possible.

Hosted Phone Solution 
Users: 7  
Value: £7,000
Length: 5 Years

Omni Security

Hosted Phone Solution 
Users: 38  
Value: £46,878
Length: 5 Years

Form IT

Hosted Phone Solution 
Users: 8   
Value: £27,000
Length: 5 Years



We decided to work with Mick George Telecoms as prices were competitive but mostly because of their proactive approach and their attitude to offering us the very best technologies

Corporate Account Manager, FORM IT