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Integrity Plus

Hosted Phone Solution: 5 Users Value: £8,000 Length: 5 Years

About Integrity Plus

  • At Integrity Plus we firmly believe that a recruitment agency can provide a very personal service whilst maintaining the highest professional standards. Drawing on extensive experience across a wide and diverse range of industries and professions we place equal importance on filling both permanent and temporary positions.

  • Focusing on South Lincolnshire and surrounding counties we enjoy an enviable reputation built on quickly and efficiently handling all recruitment needs for both new and long 


Our new Telecoms solution is far superior to our previous telephone system, allowing multiple calls in and out simultaneously

How Connect365 helped Integrity Plus

  • Integrity contacted Connect365 as they were paying an absolute fortune to BT on a monthly basis for an old on-premise ageing phone system.

  • When we first started speaking with Integrity we understood the frustration. We agreed to buy them out of the existing contract they had in place. By doing this and installing our brand-new hosted technology we were still able to save them circa £250 per month. This is a lot of money.

  • Not only did we save them a fortune, but the solution was state of the art. They could now utilise the Unified Communications. During Lock down this was an absolute life saver.  The business was able to operate well even though the work force were all working remote.

  • Integrity have been so impressed with Connect365 they have recommended another company that has just moved into the business park to use our services.  For all recommendations we pay a good finder’s fee as it saves us spending money on marketing.

  • It is safe to say we have an excellent relationship with Integrity. They are a pleasure to work with.

  • The previous system had limitations to the number of incoming/outgoing calls that could be made at any time. With our technology this issue was sorted out. All 11 staff members could not be on the phone at the same time as there is no imitation on our solution.

Integrity Plus

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