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Sensory Developments Ltd

Hosted Phone Solution: 3 Users Value: £6,000 Length: 5 Years

About Sensory Developments Ltd

  • Multi-sensory equipment & environments.

  • Sensory Developments are well known as one of the most inventive and responsive designers and manufacturers of all types of multi-sensory environments.

  • We supply everything from single projectors, bubble tubes and smaller home use effects, through to fully interactive multi-sensory envinroments and suites.
    For schools, centres, residential homes & home use


Our new Telecoms solution is far superior to our previous telephone system, allowing multiple calls in and out simultaneously

How Connect365 helped Sensory Developments Ltd

  • Sensory had always suffered from poor internet connection., 

  • We installed FTTP – 80/20 a very good product.  Speeds a re good and stable. Normal FTTC was not available to the customer so we opted for a higher grade of product. The result is a perfect, stable fast internet connection that has hugely benefited the business.

  • Due the excellent data connectivity we provided the company could then move to the new hosted phone technology.

  • The new technology is hugely beneficial especially the unified communications.  All employees are all connected no matter where they are.  

  • Replace an ageing phone system and switch to new hosted technology

  • The Business likes to be up to date with technology.  

  • The owners realise that the new hosted phones solution will enhance the business profile and give the clients a more professional experience when they call the business.

  • The ability to utilise the phone system from any device anywhere in the world is amazing. During Lockdown we were able to function well.  

Sensory Developments Ltd 

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