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Mick George Ltd

Mobiles & MDM: 1,100 Users Value: £480,000 Length: 24 Months

About Mick George Ltd

One Man, One Tipper, One dream, may be a distant memory, but the dream is very much a reality, as we find ourselves approaching 40 years since the business started trading.

Operating over 400 HGV vehicles from over 25 sites, and now employing in excess of 1100 people, gives an indication of the scale to which the business has evolved over the years.

Not content with the original construction based services; the company has formed an impressive portfolio of varied service provisions, for contractors, tradesmen and householders alike.


This was the ideal scenario, a seamless migration that had zero downtime.

How Connect365 helped Mick George Ltd

As a company we were on the Vodafone network but were concerned with what we were paying on our substantial mobile estate.

As we had our own telecoms division it made absolute sense to look after our own mobiles.

Moving from Voda to Vod was an extremely simple process. Previous migrations of the mobile estate had been riddled with issues. Not this time around. We were able to keep all the same sim cards in the mobile phones and on the day,  we instructed the back end was switched from the incumbent to our own mobile divison. There was no downtime and the workers with mobile phones did not even know anything had happened.

This was the ideal scenario, a seamless migration that had zero downtime.


The benefits of managing our own mobiles through our own mobile platform have been huge. 

The financial saving of 5k per month was considerable and this always helps but more importantly was the high level of reporting information we can utilize as a business in order to make informed decisions.  We have no more bill shock due to the simple alerts that are put in place on our portal.  We have all our cost centers organized form Tipper drivers to sales executives.  We can report on each cost center individually or as a group.  We can instantly monitor data usage so if one of our drivers is sat at a site waiting to tip the load, they may have a watch of you tube.  This used to be costly for the company but not any more as a manager will know instantly once a data threshold has been breached.

All in all the management/billing portal is exceptional and will enable any company to have good quality information.


MDM – Mobile Device Management

All of our mobiles have another layer of information added to them to enable us to manage our estate effectively.

Again, using our own MDM solution has provided many benefits some of which are highlighted below.  

Authentication policy – to enforce a PIN code on all devices – this has enforced a standard level of security across all MGL devices and reduced the risk of a security breach as devices are more secure than they were before we had EMM.

Security Feature Controls – this blocks the ability to factory reset, blocks the ability to install apps from unknown sources and disables USB debugging – this ensures that if a device gets into the wrong hands, they can’t root the device nor put it back to factory settings to use  their own, meaning your data is safe and the device is locked to you and your business.

Application Management – here we have created a Mick George apps store where only applications authorised by Mick George are available for download – this has created a more secure device, because unwanted apps can’t be installed, a more efficient device, because battery and memory isn’t being used up on ‘personal’ applications and also reduced cost, as less time is spent on non-work applications using up mobile data.

Location Services – this enables Mick George to live locate devices anywhere in the world, track device history to see where a device has been and GeoFence locations and perform actions when a device enters or leaves a fence – this has helped Mick George locate lost and/or stolen devices and also save money on roaming charges as Admin is notified if devices leave the UK and correct roaming bundles can be applied accordingly


All in all the takeover of our mobile estate has been a huge success.  We are now looking to help some of our major clients achieve the same level of expertise as we have reached when managing their own mobiles. The information we have access to is second to none and we are now very experienced at using the information to make informed business decisions.

Mick George Ltd

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