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Independent Life & Pensions Group

Hosted Phone Solution: 11 Users Value: £12,000 Length: 5 Years

About Independent Life & Pensions Group

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We chose Connect365 to install our new telephone system after going to market to see what a number of Comms companies had to offer. We decided to work with them as prices were competitive but mostly because of their proactive approach and their attitude to offering us the very best technologies.

How Connect365 helped Independent Life & Pensions Group

  • ILPG were very happy with the internet they already have in place. They wanted to find a company that could easily bolt their hosted phone technology onto the in-place data connectivity. Due to our experience this was not a problem. It is something we do all the time if companies are in long contracts.

  • The key is to ensure the company can have the latest phone technology. All we specify is that the internet has to be of good enough quality for eh hosted technology to work.

  • Call recording was a major priority fort IPLG. As part of the old telephone solution they had a very old call recording set up. We thoroughly demonstrated our capabilities of call recording prior to any decision to proceed with us was made. Our solution is compliant to FCA standards and the ease of use really helped IPLG.

  • IPLG are a great partner for Connect365. They are in total control of the telephony. We carried out extensive training on our web based management portal. They can literally control all features themselves. If they want to change the auto attendant, or change hunt groups, recorded messages, music on hold. It is all in their hands.  They could still call us is they wish but they prefer to be in charge of their own destiny.

  • The call recording can be accessed from the portal. Simply they can find any conversation they wish to listen to. They can also easily listen into a call or record a call at the spur of the moment. The new technology has made life much easier. 

  • Not only did we save them money, but the solution was state of the art. They could now utilise the Unified Communications. During Lock down this was an absolute life saver.  The business was able to operate well even though the work force were all working remote.

Independent Life & Pensions Group

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