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E Car Parts Ltd

Hosted Phone Solution: 7 Users Value: £9,000 Length: 5 Years

About E Car Parts Ltd

  • E-Car Parts Ltd is a supplier of Wholesale MG Rover parts. We offer a wide range of quality products at competitive prices. We also benefit from extensive workshop facilities and experienced well trained staff who are being trained on an ongoing basis.

  • The ambition and enthusiasm that created the business in 2003 continues to drive the company in new directions and is responsible for the range of services we now provide.

  • We are based in Sandy Bedfordshire in the UK but we can ship to almost anywhere in the world. If you have any questions please email us at or call us on 01767 682900. You can also find BS Motors on Facebook and E-Car Parts on Twitter for the latest offers and general updates.


Our solution was old and lacking functionality. Connect365 have updated everything from cabling to the hosted phone technology. The transition was smooth with no downtime aand the benefits are numerous

How Connect365 helped E Car Parts Ltd

  • Rob Scriven Director ’Our solution was old and lacking functionality.  Connect365 have updated everything from cabling to the hosted phone technology.  The transition was smooth with no downtime and the benefits are numerous.

  • Had constant issues with phones and lines from BT.  Not to mention they were being charged a fortune.

  • BT quoted to upgrade to hosted technology, but the proposal was full of hidden charges.  The Connect365 commercial model is very simple and straightforward.  You also own the solution as opposed to renting it forever.

  • Replace an ageing phone system and switch to new hosted technology

  • The Business likes to be up to date with technology.  The owners realise that the new hosted phones solution will enhance the business profile and give the clients a more professional experience when they call the business.

  • The ability to utilise the phone system from any device anywhere in the world is amazing.  During Lockdown we were able to function well.  

  •  E Car Parts wanted a phone solution that they could manage and control themselves.  The Connect365 web-based portal enables them to do this.  They have complete control over the solution managing all features like Auto Attendants, Hunt Groups, Music on hold, out of hours messages, holiday planning etc etc.

E Car Parts Ltd

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