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West Elloe Pharmacy 

Business Mobile: 7 Users Value: £3,528 Length: 24 Months

About West Elloe Pharmacy

  • West Elloe Pharmacy opened in November 1996 and has always been independently and locally owned pharmacy. As demand grew, the pharmacy acquired adjacent premises in April 2000 into which the pharmacy expanded.

  • As the population of Spalding continued to grow, so did the pressure on providing patient services and in September 2006, the pharmacy installed its first dispensing robot, the ARX ROWA Speedcase.

  • This piece of automation was almost unique in independent pharmacies, with most robots only being found in hospitals. The robot allowed us to dispense more safely but at the same time significantly reduced the waiting time for prescriptions.


Our new Telecoms solution is far superior to our previous telephone system, allowing multiple calls in and out simultaneously

How Connect365 helped West Elloe Pharmacy 

  • The customer was looking for a cost effective sim only mobile package.

  • They wanted to be on the O2 network

  • We advised that this is possible, and we provided the client with 7 SIM cards with unlimited calls/texts and 5 GB of data.

  • The customer now has a one bill solution as they also utilize our hosted voice technology for the business phone systems.

  • The customer is very happy with the service from our mobile division.

West Elloe Pharmacy

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