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Wilstead Pharmacy 

Hosted Phone Solution: 3 Users Value: £5,000 Length: 5 Years

About Wilstead Pharmacy 

  • Wilstead pharmacy are committed to meeting all your healthcare needs, from cough and colds to long term illnesses. They will go above and beyond to answer all your health related questions and ensure you receive suitable advice from their competently trained team to get you on your way again, happy and healthy


Our new Telecoms solution is far superior to our previous telephone system, allowing multiple calls in and out simultaneously

How Connect365 helped Wilstead Pharmacy

•    Replace an aging phone system and get rid of the ISDN lines

•    Carry out an on site survey, installation and training  

•    Replace redundant cabling - Install Cat 6 cabling points 

•    Fax to email is now in use 

Wilstead Pharmacy

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