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 Codem Composites

Hosted Phone Solution: 8 Users Value: £27,000 Length: 5 Years

About Codem Composites

  • Codem Composites is a technology business firmly embedded in the rapidly expanding market of carbon fibre component manufacture.

  • Their industry is constantly evolving, new products and processes are developed every day, the challenge they strive to meet is to ensure that they keep pace with all new technologies in order to best support our customers needs.

  •  Being at the leading edge of their industry, together with a diverse spread across different market sectors, has given them the advantage of a broader understanding of composites as an engineering medium.

  • The cross pollenation of technologies from motorsport or aerospace to commercial applications such as architecture is key to expanding our their knowledge, and that of those who continue to challenge convention


The internet and phone solution will have the perfect infrastructure providing excellent reliability

How Connect365 helped Codem Composites

  • Codem had issues with their previous provider (BT) and wished to change supplier. For Codem to move away from BT, Connect365 bought out the remaining £6k of contract period, while still offering significant savings. 

  • Codem were moving offices and wanted to use the new technology at their existing office before moving it to the new premises. This was a great way of taking care of things. The solution was installed at the current premise and all training was completed. When moving to a new office there is a lot of work involved. The phone system is now not an issue. They are fully trained and simply need to unplug and take with them. 

  • Connect365 have ordered a Leased Line for the new building. This will give Codem an exceptional service. A leased line is a dedicated, non-contended service. The internet and phone solution will have the perfect infrastructure providing excellent reliability.

Codem Composites

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